Here are two examples that stick out for me about how real facebook is.  I say facebook, but this could include any online communication platform….

Life and Death.

1. The birth of my daughter is on facebook. (thank god it was a c-section!)  Yes, and I don’t care. Only one person said it was TMI.  I think its sweet and so did over 40 people in less then an hour with over 80 comments total…all sharing the awesome birth of Nola.

2. "Re-connect with Gary Crider"  Gary Crider is dead. He was a fraternity brother of mine who died of a massive heart failure last summer.  His picture pops up and I get reminders of him to "reconnect."…thanks fb.

If you are reading this and thinking, "this is out of bounds." You’re wrong. There is no out of bounds anymore. It is real.

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