I forgot how much fun networking is. Commerce Lexington always puts on a good business link at the Hilton at Lexington Green.

Tonight I started talking with a guy who was an OU graduate…bleeding green like me. Fun Fun

We also ran into the Stewart heating and air conditioning crew. If you need your furnace repaired , they are your people.  The whole gang has a great outlook on business and life. Call there sometime, my girl J will greet you with the best greeting you’ve ever heard.   I’m proud that we’ve done everything for them from the ground up…and its working…

It was good to run into people who asked me where the heck I had been. Obviously I was happy to bust out a picture of Nola and explain how fatherhood is my new thing.

But the best part is Mrs. Kim.  That’s right my babysitter.  Mrs. Kim is one of the many women working hard behind the scenes in my life.  I told her I had that event and she said she was happy to watch Nola till 6.  I ended up picking Nola up at 6:25 and taking her back to the networking for about 10 minutes. Shamelessly promotion with my daughter? I’m not afraid.

Thanks Mrs. Kim for helping me grow a business and  help properly raise my daughter. It’s refreshing to drop her off and have her wave her arms in excitement to see you. Couldn’t ask for a better sitter…

Green Thumb Baby!

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