This time of year seems to come as one of the most stressful for many.  It is also a time to refelect, under all this stress, the things we are blessed to have.  Family, success, prosperity and friends are all things many of us get at least a taste of.  How we savor this taste is what will determine our whole outlook on life and the things we are blessed with.

Personally, I celebrate with family, the blessing of new life.  In-laws, immediate family, associates and even myself, have the best gift ever to be thankful for this year.  I would like to introduce my newborn son, Judah Emerson Thornton.  He was born November 11th at 3:18 pm.  My wife, Megan and I have been very blessed to have a perfectly healthy baby boy.

One of the things we are faced with this year as a family, is Christmas shopping.  Whew, talk about stressful.  Starting a new business and having a baby in the worst time of our economy was crazy.  Now we are faced with figuring out how to budget for our living expenses and all our family, immediate and extended.  Business has been good, but not where we all need it to be, and it has stood, aside from our personal savings, as our primary source of income.

As a new business in town, our competition and those unreceptive to our vision and product, have been the least of our worries.  We encourage those who offer a product similar to ours.  We would like to find a way to create an alliance with other small businesses.  We understand that if our small local businesses pulled together in these tough times, we could reach a larger audience with our products, better penetrate the market and everyone would take more home for Christmas. – Did I mention help snuff out big corporate guys?

Just my thoughts.

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