I just wanted to share a troubleshooting moment with one of our clients.

I took a phone call to assist a client with one of her WordPress blogs, the front page wouldn’t show the headline image. I wanted to walk her through the process by having her share her screen with me. It is very easy to assist a client with managing the site with screen share. Problem was that the Java applet required to run seemed to make her PC crawl.

I had her open task manager and kill a few processes then run MSCONFIG to manage her startup processes and restart. This is usually all it takes to make a considerable difference in free RAM for the PC.

Once XP rebooted the same problem was occurring. I opted to check how much ram was available. Honestly I’ve never seen this before.


Were not a PC repair company by any means but I know enough to tell that this isn’t right.  No wonder it took Internet Explorer 5 minutes to startup…  XP requires 512mb or 1/2 a gb or RAM to run efficiently and I recommend 1 gb anyways.

Has anybody else ever seen that before?

I ordered her RAM online and opted to install once arrived.  Now we’ll be able to get in there and screen share and learn what it takes to add a custom field to make that image show up in her headline 😉

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