I’m not trying to fool anyone. I love money. (who doesn’t?) I like money so much that I am in charge of getting the money in at Green Thumb. But life is not all about the money. Sure Green Thumb is starting to have success and we are starting to make more money. But that is NOT what it is all about.

It’s about the reward of building something from nothing and watching it grow. Let me back up…

It was around this time last year when I first started working with Jarod. We’d work on GoDebtRelief.com all day long from 9-4. Then we would hammer the phones from 4 to 7. It was at this time when the seed of Green Thumb was planted. We became partners with GT a short while after. Fast forward one year.

I take a look at Green Thumb today and laugh. We have done nearly as much in revenue these past few months as we had most of 2009. But its not about the money. It’s bigger then that.

It’s about people getting it. I personally have spoken at three luncheons this year. The best one is yet to come. October 13th I’ll be speaking about Google at Commerce Lexington’s, Business Resource Round table. Watch me blow the socks off of everyone in the room. I guarantee a packed house, cause everyone wants a bite of the Green Thumb Apple.

At 7:45 every morning I sit at Kelly’s desk in the front of the office and scribble in my beloved notebooks for 20 minutes to clear my head. I feed the fish and chug my coffee from my man Victor at the Speedway on Southland. This is where the magic is. This is the calm before the storm. That’s what its all about. It’s all about the quiet in the morning while I look around at the machine we’ve built before the machine is running.

At 8:00 am the machine turns on with Matt Dogget walking up the steps. He’s usually got a cigarette in his hand and waves. Matt is the Sales Animal that I hired in the end of June. The guy is almost out selling me. Matt gets it. He said in his multiple interviews, “I don’t want to work for a company that anyone has any preconceived ideas about me. ” He wants to build GT just like Jarod and I. He’s more then just sales, he brings value to all aspects of the sales force and sales system…. Matt Doggett is what its all about.

And Matt’s excitement about Green Thumb has spread. Matt’s buddy Steve agreed to work for free for the first week at GT because he wanted to be a part of it. The guy then goes and works from 3-11 at his other job. Steve’s commitment to GT is what it’s all about.

There are other things its all about. Its all about the president of a major ad agency here in Lex that get’s GT. While most ad agencies are playing catch up and crying about losing market share, this guy gets it. He’s even brought me on a few pitches to spit Green Thumb fire. He sees the shift from, “traditional media.” That’s what it’s all about.

It’s all about seeing the growth of something that is our vision. Seeing something that you had imagined, be forming right in front of your own eyes. It’s about the pain of losing multiple $40,000+ deals. It’s about stepping into the ring of business and getting my ass knocked down, mouth guard out, with blood coming out of my nose. It’s about the fight. It’s about having the strength to get to my feet, standing, ready for the next round. Only this round…. I’m the one knocking people to the ground. THAT’S WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT.

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