I joined the Green Thumb Team on June 29th this year. I had a little bit of sales experience from some past jobs in retail and electronics, but I had never worked in an IT/marketing industry before. I was excited to be involved in a business that is cutting edge and is doing some really cool things in the world of the internet and advertising. I had always been involved with and knowledgeable on the workings of the internet, social media, etc. Or, at least, I thought that I had. It turns out that my level of involvement and knowledge were quite elementary when compared to that of my new co-workers.

I tripled my knowledge of the inner-workings of this industry within the first couple days of working alongside Dustin and Jarod. They showed me the ins and outs of what gives a website high searchability. They showed me examples of well-built, high-performing websites, and what sets them apart from the crowd of common websites. They introduced me to link-building, blogging, tags and twitter. I had been a Facebook aficionado for my college years but hadn’t updated it for some time since then, this place got me addicted to all of that mess again. I also discovered how Facebook could be used to further a business and also to help websites gain better searchability through the constant updates that take place on Facebook.

I did a lot of cold-calling these first 3-4 weeks, with lots of “no’s” but with enough “let’s talk some more’s” to stop any discouragement. We gained two awesome accounts last week that I introduced and I am excited to bring their sites live so they can see the results I’ve been explaining they would see. I’ve hit the ground running and I don’t need to catch my breath yet. I figure I’ll keep running until I run out road…or maybe I’ll just go the way of Forrest Gump and stop one day after running for years, take a look around, and decide to go home (just for the day of course!)

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