Social Media – “are primarily Internet- and mobile-based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings.” According to Wikipedia anyways.
Have you seen the most recent mobile phone television ads from Sprint and AT&T?  You can check your Facebook from your phone now.  Amazing, that is exactly what Social Media is.  Catching up on my Tech Crunch I started looking at the numbers for 2008 for Social Networks.  These include the popular Facebook and Myspace and about 20 other similar networks.  All the hits combined totaled 1,291,000,000 – that is 1.2 billion hits or traffic to the networks.

Ok – so what?

Look at the numbers for Facebook in its history,  in particular,  using Tech Crunch data.

This was in 2007!  This has grown to become a huge center of traffic and look at the age of the users…  I’ll be the first to admit the doors were opened after this 2007 report and anyone could join Facebook, nonetheless.  It appears to be something we should seriously consider.  How do we use this and the other traffic rich networks on the internet?  What effect could this have on my marketing dollar?

That is a good thing to ask yourself.  I will better clarify by asking, how can I use Social Media to improve my ROI for the marketing dollars I spend.

There is no simple answer.  I could suggest going and throwing up a Facebook fan page for your business.  There’s a freebiel.  You can advertise on Facebook with options to spend and save through standard format if you are familiar with PPC and other types of CPC marketing.  If you’re not this would be a time consuming task.

The fact is you can advertise on just about every medium with just about any budget.  Becoming a pro at this is long and tedious and requires some real devotion to understanding how you can over turn your costs.  That is not to say you can’t be a part.  Green Thumb Marketing has experience targeting niche markets in PPC advertising but also sees potential for other non paying methods of advertising.  While a PPC campaign in various places will run you about $300 month minimal – free is free.

Next I will discuss methods that require a few extra steps on your time.  You have greater coverage and your business could better saturate the internet.

*  All this from Social Media?



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