I wanted to briefly write about an article I read in the Business Lex paper today. Media Metamorphosisby Susan Baniak

Susan mentions the media industry,  shifting sands with this recession and how the growth of the Internet “has altered the dynamics for the distribution of information on a global scale”.   Truth – most of the information from media past came through the distribution of papers, magazines, many forms of print ad and other types of physical publications.  Today the truth is most of our information comes through our LCD flat panel monitors and televisions, even our phones which hardly resemble a phone in functionality.  We send emails before we mail letters, send text messages before we call and our headlines come through tickers, streaming video, blogs and RSS feeds.

While TV still gives a large piece of the media the other forms  have seen better days and many of them have faced cut backs, lay offs and going out of business altogether.  However there are those that remain and have held tight by becoming diverse and following this trend.

So I have to ask the question – as the old media days are coming to a close, what are you doing different to effectively market your business?

If drawing an answer leaves you with a blank thought – it’s ok – you are not alone.  The evidence surrounds us, this new media reality is inevitable.

What is Social Media?

Stay tuned for the answer.


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