This decade will be one of great change. Some people are scared of change; to be honest I love it. I do not see anything wrong with a little change; I think that it serves as an opportunity to give you a higher level of adaptability which can only put you at an advantage. It truly is not the change that scares people, but more their inability to adapt. Look at where he have came from Y2K, everyone thought that the world was going to end when the year 2000 struck and that all the computers would crash, well guess what? THEY WRONG!!

Instead over the last decade we have seen computers come from your desk, to your suitcase, and now even to your pockets, what’s next? Some people firmly believe that the future of computing is through mobile devices, and I must admit I partially believe this. There are going to be many new technologies that come around in the next ten years, my question to you is, how many of these do you think will be based around the Internet?

I would bet a lot.

Ahh the Internet, what a brilliant “thing”, it’s crazy to think about the year 2000, and signing into AOL from my dial up connection and hearing that terribly miserable noise, you know what I’m talking about. So, my next questions for discussion are, how big will it get? How HUGE will the internet become in the next 10 years? What NEW technologies will evolve? How will this make our lives easier? How will the internet be used to make you more money? Will the internet be your friend or foe?

I do not know the specific answers to these questions, but I do know that the Internet will get bigger, that new technologies will evolve, the Internet will make our lives easier, you can make money off the internet, and I know for a fact that the Internet is my friend, and never my foe.

The new decade is ready for you, the questions is, are you ready for it?

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