I just got off of the phone with Adam Martin of Adam Martin designs. Figured I’d spread some love…

I love talking to Adam.  He’s in my reverse mentorship program and Adam is out there hustling just like me to help young blood take over Lexington little by little. I’ve known Adam for over 2 years now from all kinds of networking events. He too has a new baby which we often talk about.

A few weeks back Adam posted something that really struck a cord with me.

You can read the post here…

The two minute version is that Lexington’s beloved horse industry is hurting. ( I know what your thinking, "Oh God Dustin, don’t talk bad about the Horse Industry in Lexington, it’s career suicide)  Too bad. My comments are on record on Adams blog.

Bottom line: If the Horse Industry wants/needs to reach a younger demographic, then how are they possibly going to do it with old media, old ad agencies and the old way of marketing? They aren’t. This is why they are hurting so badly now from lack of evolution.

Think I’m wrong? Man or woman up and leave a comment. (or hide because you are afraid of expressing yourself)

Anyway, I wanted to give him some credit for helping with TedX and for getting Will Gay from Yellow Shoes to Lexington.

Keep hustling man, we got this!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Dustin. I enjoy our conversations. It’s great to see other young folks in Lexington hustling each day to make a living doing what they love.

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