Dominate your Niche.

Its easy if it is in fact YOUR niche. If it is what you choose to do, then do what it takes to dominate it. If it is just something that you kinda like, or it’s just your job, you’ll suck at it. You won’t dominate it.

If you love it, you should be able to dominate it.

This sounds so easy. But it’s not. There is a 4 letter word that gets in the way of all of this.  It’s a word called WORK.

Yes. It takes WORK to dominate your niche. But here’s the thing. If what you really set out to do was dominate something that you love, it shouldn’t be that bad of work.

But people are lazy.

How do I know? I work with them.  We build killer websites at Green Thumb. But there is something bigger going on when we build a website. The owner who is getting their site has to deal with something much bigger then us just building them a site. They have to look at their self and business and describe how they want to be portrayed online. Do you know how hard that is for some people?

It’s the part of my job that I hate the most. Getting people’s content. Getting them to describe who they are.

I ask them for what they want on their site and they look at me like I just farted or something. "What do you mean, what I want on my site?"  HELLO?! Yes. What do you want it to say. I’m not writing it for you.  The client has to do the work here. We can’t write your story. It’s yours….

Jarod is a huge pain in my ass. But he has a point with getting peoples content. Getting them to tell their story.  People are lazy. People don’t like to be uncomfortable. Writing about their business is uncomfortable for most.  I have seen this from the owners of ALL different kinds of companies, big and small.

But alas, these companies that can’t write their own story don’t have to worry. They don’t have to worry because if they don’t write their own stories someone else will tell a better story and then no one will care about their non-existant story because they will be non-existant.

Yes, it’s that’s happening. Some where someone is telling about their business better then you.

Transparency is everything. Being plain and boring gets you nowhere. Being authentic and real gets you somewhere. It gets you noticed.  Don’t aim to please everyone. (You can’t please everyone, no matter how hard you try)  The goal is to make the people that like you, LOVE you.  Then you don’t need to worry about those who don’t like you.  (did you really want to do business with them anyway?)

I’ll give you a great example then get off of my soap box.  Do you think the executives give a shit about the few people who were offended when their company changed their name? I doubt Big Ass Fans people care…

Dominate your niche, tell your story…constantly. The internet love YOUR fresh content….

2 Responses to “Dominate your Niche, Tell your story.”

  1. You cover several topics with this post. Here are my responses:

    * Businesses telling their stories. I agree that in the business world, it’s not enough to excel at what you do. You do have to excel, and let other people know you excel in such a way that they can find you in the easiest, most familiar way possible when they do need you. And what’s the quickest, most familiar way buyers find vendors? The Web.

    * Laziness. Yep, lotto humans are lazy – business owners, customers, buyers. (NOTE: when it comes to telling their story, I think lots of business owners are inarticulate, not necessarily lazy.) Even more reason to use the Web to make it as easy as possible for the buyer to find you and spend money with you.

    * The learning curve. Some business owners are as technologically advanced as their buyers; others are not. Our company, Lighter Than Air, brings you fun the old-fashioned way: great food, inflatables for the kids, balloons, face painters / magicians / etc. Our buyers find us the new-fasioned way: on the Web. As a company we must be AWARE of this and make ourselves accessible to Web-savvy folk (or hire nice competent folks like Green Thumb Marketing to make sure we are!)

  2. Thank you for the kind words. Perhaps lazy is a bit rough. Inarticulate could be more of the cause. I will say that I find it incredibly interesting the businesses that you can sit and talk to about what they have done and they have no problem telling stories from their history. (who doesn’t like to talk about themselves?)

    It’s the gap of putting that story into writing that gets me. Sure it takes some time, but if one person, just one reads that story and can relate, it was worth doing…

    and you guys are more savvy then you let on…;)

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