We hit our revenue goal for 2009!   Yes sir!

The goal wasn’t a big one in my opinion.   Infact, I’ve ran a business where I personally made as much as our goal was as a team. But that was a different economy and a business I had been in for 2.5 years.

Our man Les pointed out, "Look, you started a business in the worst economy since the great depression"

Unlike my lead business, this company is here to stay regardless of the economy.

But I’m proud of our accomplishments in 2009 beyond the revenue.

The reality which is even better, is that we have created a company with a culture and a flavor that draws employees to it. We’ve got people doing what they love to do, and we let them play to their strengths.  That is probably more important then the money, cause when you have that figured out first, the money will come on its own.

Big props to everyone….

Jarod for being a wild man behind the computer screen and being a malcontent with our progress. (kids never satisfied…and that’s a good thing)

Allen for helping Jarod not lose his mind….sorta.

Kelly for always keeping us in check with the finances, and for telling me I am selling like a piker.

Matt for bringing the heat to the sales team and batting down deals while advancing our sales attack, army style.

Casey for stepping up our sales as well as landing us a great tasting beer.

Thank you for anyone who ever told us NO, or that we were doing it wrong…that just made us more determined.

Many thanks to all of the clients who made it possible. I’d like to particularly thank all of the clients that gave us a shot in the beginning when we had ZERO body of work.  We couldn’t have done it without you. (Lex mini, Nature Splendor, Powers Transmission)

Wait until you see what we roll out in 2010…

Go Green Thumb!

Celebration to follow when Matt gets back.

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  1. I really love what we have… I look forward to becoming more fluid in communication – bringing the material and items to order so a dedicated and passionate sales team can plant seeds – online. Go 2010 & Green Thumb!

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