I  ate lunch with one of my mentors today at our usual place.  Every time I do I walk away with some killer information. Today I got stumped by him for a second.

He asked me how we went about recruiting so well.  I didn’t know we were good at…but we are.

I gave him some off the cuff answer, (I’m a salesmen, I’ve got an answer for everything..ask my dad) But i didn’t hit it right on.

I have had some hours to think about it.

The answer is this, because Green Thumb is real .

Everything we do is real. There is no BS. No fake stuff. No hiding anything.  We are who we are.

I’ve always been like that. Some people hate the fact that I’m blunt and am going to tell you what is on my mind. Frankly, I don’t want to do business with people who are stiffs anyway. I look at it like this. If we are going to be doing this, we might as well have atleast a little fun. (why bother if its not) I’ve got client who love me because of this as well.

You walk into our office and you’ll see our revenue goals up. You’ll see a full client list. We aren’t ashamed of who we are. Walk over to my desk and you’ll see a collage of quotes, pics and my own personal goals. I have them up for me, but if you want to read them, go ahead.

That’s it. People are drawn to GT because we are REAL.

Shout out to the new intern Ryan for coming on strong…tell your friends kid!

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