(this didn’t post last Friday, but it was still a good day worth noting)

It always feels good to end the week on an up note.

Today was one of those good Fridays.

It started with my baby sitter Mrs. Kim wanting to trade out baby sitting hours for a computer–her idea.  DONE. (I’ve got computers out the ying yang…)

Then I rolled over to Auto Tech Service on Winchester Rd. They are a client we picked up last month. I’d like to note that they are friendly with Powers Transmission , who’s been our baby since GT was just a little tree. (David Powers even went as far as to say Green Thumb was one of the best marketing moves they’ve made…POW)

I’m excited about Auto Tech because they are into it. Rebekah is aggressive with their website and is constantly messing with it and learning our Joomla platform.  This keeps me pumped up because the more they play with it, the more it will do for them. (some people still think websites are set it and forget it…not in 2010)

The best part though is that the owner Robert appears to be excited about the search results they are getting. I don’t want to brag, but they’ve gotten over 150 uniques in 10 days since we started. Bam!

Then I stopped by Stewart Air Conditioning and was greeted like I always am by J, who might be the most friendly person on the planet…

At 4:45 my guy Josh from the chamber came over and we drank a few Samuel Adams and moved a massive freezer out of my garage.

and then I had Tacos….

nuff said!

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