I had a two hour meeting today with Adcolorinc.com today. We’re doing some local search engine work for them, oh and we are crushing it.

Dave and Lori Messner are the husband and wife who are the main owners. There are others, but these are the people who have been cutting the check. John Weiderman and Matt were also there.

The purpose of the meeting was for me to explain what had been going on with their website and the search engines. I won’t go into details but I was proud to show them the results we achieved for them.

So at the end of the meeting Dave pointed something out to me in a very kind way that I think is worth noting.

He said, "Dustin, I know you love what you are doing and you are excited about what you have accomplished. I remember when I first got started and was the same way. It’s exciting." "But I’d like for you to understand that just because you know that you are doing well for us, doesn’t mean that we fully understand what is going on."

I pulled the E-brake at this comment. I didn’t take offense to it. The fact of the matter is, this is information that most people won’t tell you. This information INSTANTLY helped me get a clear picture that I wasn’t painting a clear picture.

So I say thanks Dave and Lori. I realized today that while I know what I’m doing and that its doing them some good. They need to know clear as a bell how it is working for them…

Green Thumb got better today. Thanks Adcolor

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  1. Good for them for telling you, and good for you for listening.

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