One of my goals for 2009 was to find 5 mentors and use them once a month. I have 4 currently. Yesterday I ate lunch with one…

The details of our conversation are unimportant, the bottom line is I got some unfiltered solid advice. From someone who’s been there.

I have built a scaffolding around me. A support mechanism that helps Green Thumb grow. (read Good to Great for this concept in detail)

Mentors are a hidden key to most successful people.   I have found such great value in them that I have even started a Reverse Mentorship program. With the help of some great people, (Lou Allegra at Vistage particularly) I am helping guys my age get advise from older people who have been around the block. I think we’ve pared up four so far…

Don’t get it twisted, these guys aren’t giving me advice on web design, but just raw business experience.

Ask someone who’s been there and you’ll save yourself a bunch of heart ache.

If you are interest in the mentorship program, drop me a line.

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