I love the new, I really do. Anything that is new is something that catches my eye. Whether it is a brand new Mercedes driving down the road, or a new outfit that I am wearing, it has my upmost attention. Well now, we are currently in a new month, a new year, and even a new decade. I’m sure you can imagine how excited I am about all this.

So in honor of the new month, year, and decade, I am launching a new me. I have been with Green Thumb for about 4 months now, and every month there was talk about how I was improving, but it was like I was taking baby steps, and I kept improving, but never that “Casey has it.” Well now ladies and gentlemen I have it. I am coming out of my shell, and I am becoming an integral part of the Green Thumb family.

I have learned much about life through the football battlefield. I have always been tested, and I have always passed the test. The same applies for me in the realm of Green Thumb. I have been put up to the test, and yes there were some that I failed, but now I am passing with flying colors.

That is what we are here at GTM, we are a family. We are not simply an organization that builds websites, we are a company. Anyone can build you a website, but not anyone can provide you the customer service, expertise, culture, and personality of Green Thumb.

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