Seth Godin officially has my attention now until I can read every book he has published. I’m through about 3 of around 11.

In, "All Marketers are Liars" page 160.

He doesn’t even mention Snowshoe, but I get it now.

You see, he tells of how Intrawest is planning on building a "100 year old French Village" in the Alps.

Why would Intra west want to do that? Because it will be awesome that’s why. Because people would talk about it. People would remark about it. It would be "Remark-able" It would flourish from the word of mouth attention.

Snowshoe is also owned by Intrawest. Snowshoe is where I hide. I love it. I can hop in my crappy car and be there in 6 hours.

This 100 year old village made me think about my love for Snowshoe. Why do I love it so much?
Is it because it is the best snowboarding in the Mid-Atlantic? kinda.

But, I could go to perfect north for the day and travel only an hour and a half. Less travel and its way cheaper.

What about Wisp? My buddy Travis lives in Morgantown WV. I can crash at his place and rob his fridge too.. SAME DISTANCE as Snowshoe. Way less cost and a buddy to ride with

Here’s what it is with Snowshoe. Snowshoe/Intrawest do it right.

1. Snowshoe is on top of the mountain. That alone makes it just plain cool, everywhere you look- Killer Views
2. Snowshoe has a town on top of the mountain. You feel like you are, "king of the mountain"
3. Snowshoe has high speed lifts and groomers from out west. (people who know how to make it perfect condition)

It’s the full package. Do I pay a premium? Yeah, do I care? NOPE!

Do I tell everyone I know about my love for Snowshoe? Yep…(Rats they’ve got me!)

..brilliant marketing

Seth Godin has the longest running business blog on the web . You should check it out sometime….

Here’s me hitting a jump….

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