I’ve been on a branding kick recently…

I’ve been searching out solid brands and what is behind them and why they are such a great brand. Rob Perez of Saul Good was pushing my branding button today when I visited their new location.

I pulled up to see him greeting people at the front right as they walked in, holding the door for everyone and welcoming them it. He kindly greeted me as well, asked about the baby ect…

What was cool was when I complimented him on how jamming it was. (The parking lot looked full to me.) he replied, "Oh we’re down today because it’s Derby weekend" You coulda fooled me.

So I’ve been in the south side saul good enough times that I know what its all about. As we strolled in, I saul it all again. EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. Here’s what stuck out…

The gold drapes in the front. The beads on the Chandelier. The front entrance way and the cool angle that it sits. The color of the walls. The white and black stripes. It all was DEAD on like the other store. And guess what, that is exactly how people like it.

(hell, that’s how I like it) People are going to Saul Good and it’s the same place only on the otherside of town.

I don’t know why I’m surprised, the guy used to work for Disney and setup and run the ESPN Zone in NYC… Guess maybe he knows a thing or two about branding.

Rob looked tired, and my nachos were missing some kinda topping. Why,would I tell you something bad about the place that has paid us for work on occasion? Simple, because like Rob does his customers, I care about mine. In telling you this, I’m helping him out.  (I’m not worried, they just opened, and it happens)

If you get a chance though, take a look at how much #2 is like #1.

Sit outside if you can too!

"Saul Good Baby Baby"

…and try the lettuce wraps.

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