I believe this will be my first post about sports, but last night was such a big night I have to preach a little bit on it!

First off I would like to congratulate any Cleveland Brown fan and the rest of the NFL fans that hate the Steelers. I think that the fact the Steelers are on a 5 game losing streak is almost as good as the fact my Colts are on a 20 game win streak.

Second off I would like to take this opportunity to welcome in Brian Kelly as the new coach for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. If you do not already know this, I am an Indiana native, and I grew up watching the Blue and Gold tradition. Since then they have all but fallen off the radar, but I still have remained faithful, sound familiar CATS fans?

I know you would have to understand where I am coming from. You have had your hopes up high for past coaches and it just hadn’t worked. The same thing applies for us Irish fans. If you think about it, the two programs are quite comparable. They are both rich in traditions and have experienced hiccups the last decade are so, but now UK looks to have their savior in Coach Cal, and I would hope that the Irish have theirs in Coach Kell.

When Coach Cal was named head basketball coach at UK he did not make any promises. Instead he came right in, got to recruiting and now is letting his results speak. The same happened with Brian Kelly at Cincy. He did not say he was going to come in and turn the program around and lead them to back to back Big East Championships; instead he came in, got to work, and led the Bearcats to these championships and to a BCS bowl this year.

We are all used to people making promises they can’t keep in the world of sports, but I know that you all have encountered plenty broken promises in the business world. There are many people out there promising to bring you more money and promising to do something to help your business.

Promises are only as good as the people that make them. Here at Green Thumb, we do not make promises; instead we let our results speak for themselves. We’re not going to sit here and tell you that what we do works. We’re going to show you how it has worked for other people. I feel that is one of the strongest attributes of GTM. We don’t just talk the talk, but we also walk the walk. This is a lot more than what others can say. So keep in mind next time you’re about to bite on a promise, check out the results first.

The New Big Man on Campus

The New Big Man on Campus

Photo Courtesy of CBSsports.com

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