Yesterday, Green Thumb Marketing took some time out from their busy schedule to give back to the community of Lexington that has given so much to Green Thumb.

We visited the Lexington Rescue Mission, this is an organization that has been in Lexington since 2001 and has witnessed growth every year since. It was nice to see an organization that has values that are their driving force every day.

Jim Connell is the founder and executive director of the Lexington Rescue Mission; he was there when this mission was just a dream, and not a reality.

I think that this opportunity not only gave Green Thumb a great opportunity to get involved with the community, but it also gave us a very vivid picture of the good that is being created by Jim and his staff right here in our beloved Lexington.

I would encourage anyone to visit the Lexington Rescue Mission, if anything just attend an informational tour; you can set this up by contacting Natalie Cunningham, Volunteer Coordinator, (859) 381-9600, ext. 224.

This is the best way to see exactly what Lexington Rescue Mission has to offer as far as volunteering, but also you can see the efforts being made by this organization to make Lexington an even better place.

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