I loved Friday’s Tedx Conference.  It was great, much needs to go out to everyone who was involved in getting it rolling. I think Kent Lewis was the horse, but there are probably others… GREAT JOB.

The Ted Conference series takes place all over the US. Below is video from one that I found interesting.

Why did I particularly love this event. One word. Passion.

Everyone who spoke, spoke with passion about what they were talking about. I didn’t see a single presenter who wasn’t behind their topic with all of their heart and soul. Some were better speakers then others, but you could tell they were "all in" on their topic.

I won’t recap each speaker, but rather just some of the notes I took down….

"If you are afraid of being wrong, you’ll never make anything good. Kids aren’t afraid of being wrong. A girl was painting a picture of God in art class. The teacher came up and told her that people don’t know what God looks like. The girl replied, "They will when I’m finished."

Sustainlex.org’s Jim Embry asked, how many of you care about rocks?  Funny cause I just went rock gathering with Bryan two days ago.  I then walked up to him and had to show him my video clip of it…

Jim Bates told the story of how ESPN was spawned in a hot car during the summer. He also told of how now kids aren’t as connected as they were before to sports. They have AA leagues and travel sports, club teams ect.  In the old days kids would gather in someones back yard and have to pick teams and resolve the conflicts of "Out or Safe"  Now parents are involved and have removed that.  Now kids play with extra show-boating to get on sportcenter. (or leave early for the NBA…darn you J.Wall)


Stanley Hainsworth talked about how he had spent his whole highly successful career in design to with both nike and starbucks to start his own line. He told everyone in the audience the same thing. Don’t do anything unless it is what you love. Nothing else matters. The guy is mostly bald and has his hair spiked on the sides and back..

These are the kinda events I would like to attend more often…..Great job Lexington!

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