That is a quote from Jeff Jarvis in his book. "What would Google do?"

That quote made me put the book down and stare at the wall in awe….

The days of mass media are dying…fast. Big brands can’t get away with marketing on a mass scale. Why? Because niches are king! Yes. Niches. Who helps us find our niches the fastest? GOOGLE.

I won’t rant about how great Google is, I slurp them enough. But here is the point. STOP TRYING TO SEND YOUR MESSAGE TO EVERYONE. (TV, RADIO, Herald Leader) Why? Because not everyone cares.

Sure you might hit a few people that hear you with a mass attack, but you’d be better off, "fishing where the fish are."

Build a platform for your business, make it a place where if someone wants INFORMATION about a topic, they can get it. Great information…

Quality Wins.

What will happen? They will come, they will listen and if you are good…they will talk! (or buy!)

Getting them to talk is the best part. And that’s nothing new in the business world either. The best kind of business is…"hey call this guy" and being "the guy"

Show that you are the expert, tell a story about something in your business/ industry…you never know who’s reading it.

PS…Green Thumb has found its niche…and nope, I’m not telling what it is.

Jeff Javis killer book

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