One word.


That’s it. The open source software community works together to produce the best possible product.

It’s such a forward thinking way of creating something that it makes my head spin.  Think about it. The more people you have willingly working on something, unafraid to fail, the better it will be.

So there are swarms of people using these platforms and working on individual parts of them. This program gets edited by this guy, while a crew of people on the other side of the world are working on another piece of the puzzle. That’s the world we live in now.

Pretty rad when you think about it. People who’ve never met are working together to make something better and roll it out to a community. You can’t help but improve when you have team work, everyone working on their own section, slowly and gradually making the product better. The end result is a sick product, only until the next version comes out which is even better…(take the hint Microsoft!)

That’s why we use Joomla and WordPress.  Joomla is the #1 content management system (CMS) out there. If you google "content management system" it is #1 under Wikipedia’s page on content management.

Speaking of Wikipedia- Why is wikipedia so high up on so many searches? It’s because Wikipedia is open-source as well. (I’m stretching the definition here…but) Like Joomla and WP, Wikipedia has people contributing from all different angles. Making it better all around.

You’ve heard of Linux?  Same deal.  How about Facebook?

Ahh yes, FB has opened up its doors to the developer community which is why it hasn’t gone the way of My Space yet.

Bottom Line. Let an entire community work on whatever part it wants whenever it wants however it wants and you will see steady improvement on that product like you have never seen before!

More later….

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